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An online cryptocurrency course will help launch or progress your professional life through the use of cryptocurrency technology and can also be an excellent accessory for banking, trade, economic expansion, or software engineering development.



An online cryptocurrency course will help launch or progress your professional life through the use of cryptocurrency technology and can also be an excellent accessory for banking, trade, economic expansion, or software engineering development.

Bitcoin trading has transformed the financial industry as a cryptocurrency. In order to safely archive, exchange, and verify information and data, almost every industry and organization is now preparing and seeking to implement such distributed and decentralized ledgers.

Therefore, blockchain not only affects multiple industries, ranging from banking to commerce and healthcare, financial services, and even education to name a few. And in order to achieve success in an evolving environment, companies are now having to learn how to use blockchain tech.

So, let’s review an assortment of the top online cryptocurrency courses to see what they can provide you with technical or personal applications to become knowledgeable in this field.

Courses for Beginners

Centered on blockchain emerging technologies every online cryptocurrency course will offer you an overview of extremely important basic foundations in virtual currencies and explore uses in various economic sectors.

Centered on blockchain emerging technologies every online cryptocurrency course will offer you an overview of extremely important basic foundations in virtual currencies and explore uses in various economic sectors.

Bitcoin 101 – Cognitive Class  

This 4-module fully accessible entry cryptocurrency course offered by Cognitive Class is introduced by Travis Patron, a renowned Digital currency expert. It is available for free and you can begin and take as much time as you want to familiarize yourself with the crypto world.

If you have a prior understanding of web services and finance, that knowledge will also be useful here. To explain to you the technologies of electronic payment networks, especially Bitcoin, the course uses a simple vocabulary.

In the areas of economics and finance, software analytics, and computer engineering, you will also be shown why Bitcoin is a massive innovation.  You would now be better acquainted with the Bitcoin Blockchain technology ability for successful international commerce.

Furthermore, automated payment platforms’ political ramifications are addressed in some depth. For this course, you would not require any extra help and participants can easily finish it in four hours. You can rewatch the module as many times as you want to refresh your concepts.

Beginner Trading Course for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency – Shaw Academy

With this cryptocurrency course, you can gain the knowledge to become a daily investor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The key subjects in this course vary from bitcoin investing, strategic research, trading tactics, your capital’s emotional and psychological risk monitoring, as well as other facets of buying and selling to supplement your knowledge set.

Participants can learn from the ground up so if your knowledge of the cryptocurrency world and its underlying technology is limited, the course is ideal for you.  You will shift to a more thorough discourse on trading shares in cryptocurrency and other asset groups to get a comprehensive analysis of the industry after discussing the basics.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Course

How to Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing for Beginners – Skillshare

A notable interactive learning site for enterprise and financial courses, Skillshare also provides several online cryptocurrency courses. This course is ideal for newcomers and will expose you to the basic principles of cryptocurrencies and their codebases.

Participants can grasp their processes and study standard strategies to get into the business sector of a cryptocurrency and its related trading activities. However, to perform a trade or invest in such digital currency, you will not gain a lot of technical information regarding the financial analysis.

It is best to obtain an understanding of the global finance industry with this cryptocurrency lesson, although it lacks realistic aspects. While the above class is nice to get a market summary, this one is appropriate for all that are prepared to buy and sell crypto and are now searching for the right online cryptocurrency course to learn the steps and key strategies involved.

You can begin trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies with this course. This course will show you how to interpret and evaluate different scientific instruments effectively, such as candlestick diagrams, which will help you know whether to join or leave a trade at the correct moment.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – Berkeley, edX

This cryptocurrency course is quite foundational in essence and is actually a part of a technical certificate. After studying the basic concepts of the cryptocurrency world with an emphasis on Bitcoin, you can delve further into blockchain technology.

Another key subject is Ethereum, a decentralized cryptocurrency framework powered by blockchain.

Participants learn how to create and operate smart contracts and also decentralized applications as a functional aspect. When you complete this program, you would also have obtained the abilities of the operating system of Bitcoin and several of the realistic uses and assessments of the asset, such as crypto wallets and mining for currencies.

Since Bitcoins may be compromised, networks targeted and fraudulent mining techniques are also introduced, and this module also addresses the most relevant security concerns and techniques to be adopted for any cryptocurrency creation or use.

For those who are looking at a future as a cryptocurrency programmer, data scientist, broker or trader, research scientist, or anybody involved in blockchain technology and its uses besides virtual currencies, this online cryptocurrency course is ideal.

DFIN 511 – Introduction to Digital Currencies – University of Nicosia

Introduction to Digital Currencies is a course given by the University of Nicosia on cryptocurrencies that are open for anyone to access. The course is helmed by Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis, both recognized experts of Bitcoin. No previous credentials are required for you to take this course.

You will be able to comprehend clearly what decentralized cryptocurrencies are upon completion. However, this course isn’t limited to just that.

The main values that govern the functioning of these cryptocurrencies will also be explained to you and you will be provided with various descriptions of exactly how cryptocurrencies are used in the real world. Your mentors will also help you appreciate the numerous benefits for developing economies that cryptocurrencies offer.

Other than those offered by the teachers, you would not require any additional resources. It will take you approximately three months for the online completion of this cryptocurrency tutorial. You can still earn credit for the work you have already completed as you move on for a complete MSc degree.

Earn Crypto While Learning – Coinbase Earn

With more than 35 million active subscribers, Coinbase is a website where you can quickly purchase, sell, shop, and receive cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is only natural that they offer several courses in blockchain technology to teach you critical skills and principles to develop new clients to enable them to become more educated.

In comparison to other courses, not only are Coinbase courses easy to access, but you can also obtain virtual currencies by first studying those values and then taking a standardized test. You can get a few cryptocurrencies in your wallet after each quiz.

YouTube Cryptocurrency Videos

For a newcomer, YouTube is the best way to familiarize yourself, as it’s a platform you’re already accustomed to. A good way to keep informed in the world of trading cryptocurrency is by watching the various videos available on bitcoin trading and trading strategies.

This content may not be as in-depth as a course from Udemy, but it is an excellent first step for newcomers. If this is the type of content you’re looking for, YouTube also offers tutorials and classes to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading.

Courses for Advanced Users

Many cryptocurrency courses can develop and broaden your understanding and show you the relevant information to use technical research to develop and mine or sell cryptocurrencies and invest in them on various platforms.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Course – Princeton University

Princeton University has crafted this cryptocurrency course and Arvind Narayanan, an assistant professor of computer science at Princeton, is providing his expertise for it. The course is 11 weeks long and offers links to a set of 61 video tutorials.

You can understand how the various elements of Bitcoin work to make the device operate after adding the cryptographic building blocks. First, you will learn how Bitcoins can be processed and used, and then you can dive into the Bitcoin mining issue.

Often addressed is the relationship between Blockchain, politics, and law enforcement. Finally, the course will address the usage of Bitcoin as a forum for technologies other than currencies.

You need to pass three graded assignments for satisfactory completion of the course. When you register, you will also get the required support and a completion certificate.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Course - Princeton University

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: 5 in 1 – Udemy

This is a 5-in-1 cryptocurrency course curriculum that will educate you about saving, trading, exchanges, blockchain, buying and selling, and building a leveraged digital currency portfolio through taking a detailed approach.

Overall, you can read about ten coins, five wallets, five platforms, and the main steps for setting up each wallet, as well as purchasing and selling cryptocurrency on each platform and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In addition, the course is regarding the potential of digital money and strategies for detecting scams and risk control, selecting the right wallet, trading exchange and long-term investing cryptocurrency, and constructing a mining rig from the ground up.

With this course, you can be prepared to acquire the expertise to learn how to properly interpret charts and signs to boost the efficiency of your day’s trading. This can help you find the right moment for your trade to be purchased and sold.

Putting these maps and methods into effect is often important. Thus, in this extensive online cryptocurrency course of 23 hours, there are over thirty exercises given.

No wonder, for his expertise and understanding as well as the standard of tutorials, practice tests, and training exercises offered, Chris, the mentor, is favorably evaluated.

The Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course – With Strategies – Udemy

If you’ve taken some beginner courses, it’s now time for a comprehensive cryptocurrency course to challenge you. Baseline fundamental information is expected from participants before they can enlist in this course. It can show you the framework of skilled trading tactics, in a snapshot.

The emphasis is not just on trading policies, but also on utilizing real-time data to better implement the techniques taught here. Students would be able to add these methods, such as Market Making Strategy, Market Neutral Mean Reversion Strategy, Triangular Arbitrage Strategy, and Market Neutral Momentum Strategy, to their investment framework.

Another advantage is to quickly start trading utilizing the expertise of analytical and quantitative research and risk and financial management. This cryptocurrency trading course also includes all potential lectures with lifetime access, which is a nice way to remain up-to-date.

In comparison, the theory of the teacher is favorably evaluated for its approach to making limited yet consistent money. Students gain the instruments of the curriculum, like spreadsheets, too. However, before engaging in any cryptocurrency and securities trading, always perform your own background research.

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading – Udemy

The aim of this cryptocurrency course is to educate beginners and seasoned traders who want to take their trading abilities to the next stage. You can begin by studying the five methods, as well as the metrics, the framework, the criteria to join and to withdraw.

In addition, you can see trading illustrations so that you can comprehend how each technique operates.

Then, with the help of the EA Studio strategy builder, you can learn how to pick and contrast different strategies, which you can sign up for to use the 15-day trial period if you choose to try. You will review a portfolio of 5 EAs for Bitcoin and Ethereum in this course.

Before you even put it on a tutorial profile for review, you can learn how to execute a robustness test for each technique and how to backtest it. You can use this feature to test out strategies before applying them to your real account.

You will discover how to position these 5 Expert Advisors with a single trading account by the conclusion of this innovative course and all you need to learn to try these tactics and pick the most desirable cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass 2020 – Udemy

This course is intended to supply you with all the functioning trading methods and tactics to anticipate the next path of the market so that from day one you will be a better investor and potentially become extremely profitable.

You can learn how to exchange help and resistance in the correct way in this course, which is the most valuable trading experience you’ll ever need. By only looking at certain main support and resistance thresholds, you can master how to assess upward and downward price fluctuations.

In order to quickly figure out just what’s happening in the market and realize just what you can do to execute a profitable trade, this course will identify the most useful performance indicators.

This course would also show you how to trade the 12 most significant chart trends in the cryptocurrency industry that fit perfectly well. To get in and get out of the business at the right moment, you can learn how to assess your entry and exit points.

Plus, the course can chat about hacks such as trading psychology, how to handle threats successfully, how to trade extensions of Fibonacci and Fib, how to use actual life scenarios to implement what you’ve just learned, and much more.

Final Word

If you want to get into cryptocurrency trading, it’s worth your while to spend some time learning about the crypto world through the variety of courses available in the market. Once you know the ins and outs, you should visit a trusted crypto exchange platform such as NeuronEx to begin your journey in the cryptocurrency world. Visit the peer-to-peer exchange platform today and trade your desired currencies today!

An online cryptocurrency course will help launch or progress your professional life through the use of cryptocurrency technology and can also be an excellent accessory for banking, trade, economic expansion, or software engineering development.


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