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Top Ten Cryptocurrency Events In 2020

Dmitri Dervoed

This popularization has led to the growth of cryptocurrency events.



For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the year 2020 has brought about various changes to the landscape. This includes the move towards decentralized banking and public acceptance of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency is slowly shedding its image as an untrustworthy means of payment or exchange. This is mostly due to the introduction of highly advanced P2P exchanges and wallets that utilize blockchain technology.

For example, NeuronEx provides its users with a comprehensive service package that covers all their financial needs. It also includes its own coins and fiat cards as alternative payment options.

This popularization has led to the growth of cryptocurrency-related events and conferences.

These conferences are vital in spreading critical information about this new technology to the public. Let’s take a closer look at some of the upcoming forums and events you shouldn’t miss out on!

Blockchain Life 2020

21st – 22nd October

Moscow, Russia

Blockchain Life 2020 is a leading cryptocurrency event. Held in Moscow, it boasts an audience of over 5000 participants from 70 different countries.

This event is the biggest industry event related to blockchain in the world. Some of the hot topics discussed in the forum include blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mining, and various uses.

Some of the participants in attendance include enterprise professionals, blockchain developers, manufacturers and suppliers of mining equipment, founders of blockchain startups, and more.

This event is an excellent opportunity for individuals in different industries to connect and share their knowledge.

The wide variety of guests and speakers on offer provide a great source of information about numerous topics related to blockchain.

Blockchain Expo Tokyo

28th – 30th October

Tokyo, Japan

Blockchain Expo is now coming to the Land of the Rising Sun, as this event aims to expose the Japanese market to blockchain technology on a large scale.

Japan has various industries, such as logistics, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, and finance, which can benefit from blockchain technology.

This event is the first of its kind in the country and hopes to popularize blockchain and its related technologies in a new market.

Blockchain World Forum London

29th – 30th October

London, United Kingdom

As the name suggests, the Blockchain World Forum focuses mainly on the blockchain. It aims to illustrate the benefits and obstacles of technology.

The forum serves as an excellent way to connect various segments of the industry such as entrepreneurs, investors, and financial institutions along with academics interested in blockchain and its uses.

The event seeks to provide useful information about the technology to the industries most affected by its innovations. Some targeted sectors include insurance, energy, legal, financial services, government, and real estate, to name a few.

There are various keynotes including interactive panel discussions, and case studies to familiarize attendees with blockchain technology on the agenda.

This event will serve as a great platform to make connections with other experts in the field. Don’t miss out!

Korea Blockchain Week 2020

2nd – 8th November

Seoul, South Korea

Korea Blockchain Week is a significant industry event poised to make its return in November.

Established as the leading global blockchain forum in Asia, this event gives participants a chance to develop their understanding regarding the future trends of blockchain and its related technologies.

Attendees can look forward to a host of conferences and seminars featuring over 100 speakers from around the world who will join the stage at Korea Blockchain Week.

Blockchain Expo North America

5th November

Santa Clara, CA

The Blockchain Expo World Series will host its fourth scheduled event of the year in November.

This forum will give aspiring enterprise technology professionals a chance to learn from the blockchain industry’s brightest minds.

Some of the other discussion topics include IoT, 5G, cybersecurity, cloud, AI, and big data.

This event is an excellent opportunity for individuals to expand their network in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The attendance of industry experts from various markets also makes it a conference you don’t want to miss out on!

Decentralized 2020

11th – 13th November

Nicosia, Cyprus

Decentralized 2020 is a conference organized by The University of Nicosia in Cyprus. It brings together industry and academic leaders to discuss recent developments in the cryptocurrency field.

This event shows the growth and expansion of cryptocurrency technology in the modern world. The event also aims to explore critical issues related to these topics, as well as future trends.

Prominent experts of blockchain and virtual currencies from across Europe are expected to attend.

IMTC World 2020

16th – 19th November

Miami, FL

IMTC World 2020 is an event primarily focused on discussing new and innovative methods of money transfer.

Since its inception, blockchain technology has had the potential to revolutionize our methods of monetary exchange.

This forum aims to bring together experts from finance and blockchain fields to discuss how the two can integrate.

Some of the event’s features include various presentations, panels, roundtables, interviews, product demonstrations, discussions, and courses related to these topics.

In addition, it provides a platform for numerous networking opportunities for professionals.

AIBC Summit Malta

18th – 19th November


Initially scheduled for November, the AIBC Summit has been postponed to February 2021.

The summit is set to be held in Malta and intends to find a point of intersection between the various popular fields in technology. Some of the topics of discussion include AI, blockchain, IoT, and quantum tech.

What makes this event special is the amount of support it has garnered from key figures in the various industries.

These include delegates, policy-makers, and other experts that specialize in projecting how these technologies will shape our future.

Blockchain Expo Europe 2020

24th – 25th November

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The next event in the Blockchain Expo World Series will be held in Amsterdam. This two-day event will focus on the implementation of blockchain technologies to provide enhanced solutions.

Pioneering technologies from more than 300 exhibitors will be displayed at the event, and a selection of over 500 speakers will share their knowledge and expertise about the blockchain industry as well.

Industry experts from various fields are expected to attend and provide valuable insight as well as networking opportunities.

These fields include fintech, logistics, supply chain, consumer goods, cryptocurrencies, blockchain platforms, and more.

Future Blockchain Summit 2020

6th – 10th December


Future Blockchain Summit 2020 is being held in December, and it provides a valuable platform for those interested in blockchain technology in the Middle East.

The summit provides a comprehensive overview of blockchain technology and its interactions with other fields, such as finance, energy, healthcare, education, government, and applications.

This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about new technology from experienced professionals with valuable future insights.

It’s also a great platform to network and makes business contacts from various industries.


2020 may not be the best year for events involving large crowds of people from around the globe, but we’ve seen the desire to learn and acquire knowledge triumph over various circumstantial obstacles.

Several scheduled events had to be canceled or postponed this year, and you might think this has slowed down the popularity and demand for information about blockchain technology.

However, we’ve also seen an increasing number of organizers shift their events to the online space, making it viable for more people to attend than ever before!

Let’s look forward to 2021 as the year cryptocurrency establishes itself in the mainstream through the spread of knowledge promoted by such events.

This popularization has led to the growth of cryptocurrency events.


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