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What Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

Dmitri Dervoed
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The number of websites that support Bitcoins has grown tremendously over the last decade.


After the financial downturn of 2008, individuals have been seeking to build an alternate mechanism to paper money for payments. Major changes in this area can be noted due to the ensuing international financial crisis.

In 2009, an exchange network fuelled by blockchain software network was launched and the cryptocurrency was called ‘Bitcoin.’ For the first few years of Bitcoin’s life most people did not grasp the digital currency could be effectively utilized for their day-to-day purchases.

However, owing to Bitcoin’s inherent benefits and related assets provided against their fiat equivalents, the trading medium has continued to rise in prominence and valuation. This came to the forefront in 2017, when Bitcoin hit the peak reported price of $19,783.06.

How to Buy in Bitcoins?

Nowadays everybody knows how profitable it is to acquire a Bitcoin, but most of them don’t know how you will use the money to make purchases easily. If you already have Bitcoins, it may be enticing to hang on to it and pray for another spike in valuation.

The number of websites that support Bitcoins has grown tremendously over the last decade. You can presently pick from a broad variety of features, such as online purchases, travel lodging, video rentals, gift certificates, and much more.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the things you can buy with your Bitcoins.

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

Amazon is the world’s most popular online retailer, and its delivery services are second to none, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

Using Amazon has a host of advantages over other apps, as it has such a broad variety of things to choose from. If you’re planning on using a crypto wallet to make a payment on Amazon or wondering how to buy with Bitcoins on Amazon, you might be disappointed to find Amazon doesn’t offer this feature yet. However, Bitcoin is still used by Amazon for some features.

You can use your Bitcoins to purchase Amazon gift cards, which can then be used for further purchases.

How Do You Buy Things with Bitcoin?

If you want to buy with Bitcoins, the process of things with digital сurrencies like Bitcoin is relatively simple. First, you have to ensure that your Bitcoin is present in your electronic wallet. Then just transfer the required amount to the other person.

The entire process is secure and verifiable, and it only takes a short amount of time to execute transactions. If you don’t have a cryptocurrency to make purchases, you can opt to buy it from a variety of alternative networks.

The conventional mining process for Bitcoin online is impractical, especially now. The coin’s prominence has also intensified competitiveness for its system and the volume of computational resources needed to effectively mine Bitcoins.

Alternatively, you should visit a secure cryptocurrency trading site such as NeuronEx. The peer-to-peer trading platform will allow you to easily buy your preferred number of bitcoin, and you can also explore their broad range of offerings to further enrich your cryptocurrency profile so that you can buy bitcoin and use it as a form of payment.

Can You Convert Bitcoin to Cash?

If you want to make payments, you need to explore the many exchanges that sell crypto. These exchanges provide a network that will accept your currency.

By using one trusted and reliable exchange platform like NueronEx, you can easily convert your Bitcoins to fiat money or vice versa and use a Bitcoin wallet to enable you to offer Bitcoin as payment. The exchange rate is updated regularly so you won’t have to worry about losing value.

What Can I Buy with Bitcoin?

Now that you know a little more about the nature of bitcoin adoption in the modern world, let’s focus on several of the big businesses and sectors that have already responded to the trend of tomorrow and incorporated bitcoin transactions into their sales model.

You’ll be genuinely amazed by the many opportunities you’ve got to spend your cryptocurrency on.

1. Cars

If you’ve got a lot of Bitcoin in your bank account, you could spend on a big private purchase, like a new Tesla or BMW. That’s right, you can use your cryptocurrency to buy a car!

If you’ve got a lot of Bitcoin in your bank account, you could spend on a big private purchase, like a new Tesla or BMW. That’s right, you can use your cryptocurrency to buy a car!

Tesla has already started to accept Bitcoin in recent times. In 2013, report broke about a Florida-based individual who purchased a Tesla S from a Lamborghini dealership in Newport Beach.

It was the first occasion that Bitcoin had been able to purchase a luxury car. The car was priced at over $100,000, roughly equal to 90 Bitcoin on the day of purchase.

This was an odd circumstance, as Tesla doesn’t use any physical shops, and its automobiles are mostly sold electronically through individual sales between the company and the consumer.

It’s now feasible to buy your favorite vehicle using Bitcoin technology with several retailers who now support it that regional UK-based automobile companies offer consumers such attractive buying options.

Many Bitcoin users choose to spend their cryptocurrencies on valuable goods and items. With such commodities now present in the automobile industry, they are much more inclined to buy cryptocurrency vehicles in the future.

2. Travel Booking

If you’re travelling and need to book a flight or accommodation, Bitcoin can be a huge help. There are numerous companies that accept Bitcoins for your travel needs.

In 2013, CheapAir.com was one of the few web travel agencies to accept bitcoin payments for its services. They also stated that they would endorse Litecoin, BCH, and Dash as payment options. This would allow passengers to make deposits using these assets while making reservations for flights and rooms.

Destinia.com, based in Spain, is one of the newest players that has lately started to take on Bitcoin payments for its services. The business has launched a new payments replacement to BitPay, one of the famous cryptocurrency payment networks. Right now, Destinia.com offers a wide range of catalogs and almost 200,000 hotels are available to customers, so you can use Bitcoin as a payment method.

The Latvian carrier AirBaltic was among the first airline companies to accept Bitcoin as a customer transaction option for services, offering over sixty destinations in three continents.

All these options will give you a better chance to get a good deal on top-quality travel services with Bitcoin.

3. Coffee

Starbucks is among the globe’s widely recognized companies. The cafe is known to sell its drinks and menu and is still integral to the daily commute for many residents.

Starbucks is among the globe’s widely recognized companies. The cafe is known to sell its drinks and menu and is still integral to the daily commute for many residents.

If you’ve ever visited a Starbucks, you’re going to understand how lengthy the waits are. You’re probably going to waste most of the day just trying to get your coffee. Luckily, in development that indicates the gradual acceptance of new payment systems, Starbucks now enables its customers to pay for their daily coffee using Bitcoin.

All you need to do is to link your Bitcoin wallet to the smartphone app, and you can conveniently buy with bitcoin on your device without any problems accepting bitcoin.

4. Pizza and Fast Food

Bitcoin isn’t just to sell, secure your wealth, or as a long term store of value. You can also use Bitcoin as a payment method for a variety of food items.

Virtual currency app PizzaForCoins has started accepting bitcoin, making blockchain payments easier for several of the biggest pizza restaurants, namely Domino’s Pizza.

Visitors can easily post their orders on the firm’s website, pick from a diverse range of pizzas, and then buy with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in Russia, and the country’s leadership is likely to officially authorize the use of cryptocurrencies in the coming years. As a consequence, a Burger King franchise in Russia has started to support bitcoin cryptocurrency as an electronic payment form.

A company popular all over the world Subway is a sandwich place that can be found nearly everywhere. The company takes pride in serving people from all backgrounds of society with tasty and relatively affordable meals.

In order to make their product even more accessible, Subway gave customers the ability to buy anything from its store with BTC in 2013. The method is pretty smooth, and you can savor your subs without having to carry any physical cash.

5. Video Games

Playstation also allows you to accept Bitcoin and you can buy cards from its store using BTC.

Video games are among the most mainstream entertainment mediums, and they have recently eclipsed films as the most lucrative entertainment sector in the world.

Physical copies have restricted purchases of video games for many years.

With the progress of technology, top video game companies such as Microsoft and Sony have provided their products for online orders through their online shops.

Microsoft has also been experimenting with its digital currency with keys called Microsoft Points, but with time it presented too much trouble for end-users. Since then, however, they have begun taking steps to implement Bitcoin payments into their Xbox product line.

Xbox titles, expansion packs, gift cards, and Xbox live facilities can now be purchased electronically by users with Bitcoin as Microsoft now allows customers to buy their online content through this method. Playstation also allows you to accept Bitcoin and you can buy cards from its store using BTC.

Zynga, a popular mobile behemoth, was among the first game development channels to accept BTC as a transaction mode to purchase tokens for spotlighted games such as Farmville, Castleville, and Chefville.

If you’re still unsure about what can you buy with bitcoin, you can check out how to purchase from online stores or e-commerce companies like Etsy, support charitable causes and rights reserved online sources such as Wikipedia, or buy commodities like precious metals. Good luck with your crypto buying experience!

The number of websites that support Bitcoins has grown tremendously over the last decade.


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