NeuronEx Knowledge Base (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions


NeuronEx provides the ability to safely & freely store, exchange, and earn digital assets. It is a P2P exchange, agent network, and wallet powered by blockchain and always at hand.

NeuronEx is a peer-to-peer exchange that gives access to cheap, instant transfers from anywhere in the world.

You can sell and buy bitcoin using your preferred payment method from anywhere across the globe. NeuronEx makes the process easy and safe.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

To facilitate the first transaction, we have described in detail the process of selling and buying cryptocurrency. Just follow the step-by-step guides:

How to sell bitcoin on Neuronex

How to buy bitcoin on Neuronex

All transactions on NeuronEx are protected by escrow.

The trade amount of assets is automatically reserved from the seller’s. Neuron Wallet and can be released only when the seller receives fiat money through the chosen payment method. On the other hand, the buyer can get money with NeuronEx support even when the seller has not confirmed a money transfer. Escrow guarantees safe transactions with NeuronEx.

NeuronEx has no limits on trading. The deal’s amount and conditions are set by the seller.

The limits on the seller’s offer show you the minimum and maximum amount of cryptocurrency that you can buy.

After you buy the cryptocurrency with NeuronEx, the assets will appear in your NeuronEx wallet.

You are free to dispose of them. You can easily send them to other wallets or blockchain addresses. The vast majority of crypto services are compatible with each other, so you can use the purchased cryptocurrency to pay at stores that accept such payment, transfer it to other users, or sell it when your cryptocurrency


A good way to get started on NeuronEx is by studying the Security Guide.

It contains detailed information on how to make your account secure.

There are also simple but effective steps that we urge you to take:

1. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account. This will protect you even if someone else obtains your password.Keep in mind that with two-factor authentication enabled, you won’t be able to log into your account with just your password. Store your backup codes carefully!

2. Enable Login Guard, which helps protect you when a login occurs from an unknown web browser.To log in from a new web browser, you’ll need to confirm your identity by clicking on a link that will be sent to your email address provided during registration.

3. Use a strong password with at least 12 characters.Do not use this password on other sites and services, and do not tell your password to anyone!You can activate and deactivate any security features in your profile under the Security section.

Account Verification

You can activate two-factor authentication in your account’s security settings.

NeuronEx supports two types of two-factor authentication: mobile authentication and code-based authentication.

NeuronEx strongly recommends two-factor authentication.

It is preferable to use mobile two-factor authentication. We highly recommend using codes only if you do not have access to your mobile phone.

Keep the backup codes. If you lose access to them, you will not be able to log in to your account. Restoring access to your account is a long and complicated process.

Mobile Wallet

Neuron Wallet is the first wallet which matches fiat with crypto to serve the retail investor’s needs for fiat/fiat, fiat/crypto or crypto/crypto exchange pairs.

Neuron Wallet supports BIP 44, BIP 47, seed phrase backup, SegWit support, embedded exchange, and your portfolio stats and graphs with notifications and alerts.

Neuron Wallet is one of the most robust and technologically advanced wallets, and is therefore most suitable for cryptocurrency storage and management.

Affiliate program

NeuronEx has a strong affiliate program which allows you to earn substantial income from participating in the promotion of the service.

You can become our agent and earn $5 for each referral when your referral’s trading volume is more than $200 in the first month after registration, and earn 50% on every trade of your tier affiliates.

Also, NeuronEx offers special conditions and offers for professional merchants.

Every registered user can become an Affiliate of NeuronEx.

There are a few steps to do this:

1. Get a referral link in your personal account on NeuronEx

2. Share the link with friends and partners

3. Earn $5 for each referral when your referral’s trading volume will be more than $200 in the first month after registration, and earn 50% of fees on each of your tier affiliate’s trades.

4. Get paid in your wallet

It is easy.

NeuronEx is the best P2P exchange according to an independent evaluation by

NeuronEx offers a 0% fee for a month – everybody can earn more profit in the first month and learn to complete transactions without commission costs.

Any commission on NeuronEx is 50% when paying with NRON tokens.

NeuronEx provides convenient payment with more than 200+ payment methods to buy bitcoin.

Escrow guarantees safe transactions on NeuronEx.

Everybody can easily buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency on the Neuronex platform after setting any payment method and the price they want to get.

Direct transactions between users make the deals profitable, easily accessible, and directly under their control.

Yes, the NeuronEx Affiliate Program is quite profitable.

You earn $5 for each referral when your referral’s trading volume exceeds $200 in the first month after registration, and you also get 50% on every trade of your tier affiliates’ fees.

You can make simple and profitable business by inviting your friends, followers, and partners to trade on NeuronEx.

All commissions are paying in NRON tokens, which could be exchanged for any currency on NeuronEx.

Pay with NeuronEx

NRON tokens are the internal equivalent for all services provided on the basis of NeuronChain. They serve as the internal payment unit and are used to pay for the platform services.
All commissions in our affiliate program are paid in NRON tokens, which can be exchanged for any currency on NeuronEx.

NRON tokens will be accepted as a
means of payment for all the services of the platform, as well as payment to our multiple partners.

NRON enables fast cross-border
payments. For such payments, Customer A in one currency zone buys NeuronChain currency NRON in his currency zone on the NeuronEx P2P exchange or any other crypto exchange through Neuron Wallet. Customer A transfers the purchased amount of NRON to Customer’s wallet. Customer B trades NRON for a fiat in his currency zone, using the NeuronChain
Agent network.