Become a trader on NeuronEx. The best conditions. A trusted platform.

Make money trading crypto on NeuronEx

with more than 200+ payment method options

Become a trader on NeuronEx

Create an account, set up the terms of profit margins, and conduct deals. Sign up as a trader and make your best offer.


NeuronEx. Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold here

The best conditions. A trusted platform.

0% fee month

Learn to complete transactions without commission costs.

The professional’s choice

Always get 50% of any commissions when paying with NRON.

Convenient payment

200+ ways to buy bitcoin.

The best exchange rate

Choose from over 5,000 professional traders.

How to sell Bitcoin on Neuronex

NeuronEx makes it easy to sell bitcoin. Just set your payment and price and you’re ready to sell.


Create an account

Take a couple minutes to register in order to access all NeuronEx services.


Set up the terms of exchange

Set the terms of exchange. Choose a payment method, the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, and the currency in which you want to make your transaction.


Find the best offer

Review your offers and select the best one to open the transaction. Each step of the transaction will be described in detail. Rest assured knowing NeuronEx provides safe and reliable exchanges.


Leave feedback

Upon successful completion of the transaction, remember to leave feedback. This will help you complete transactions faster and make more profit in the future.

Neuron Wallet January 2021

  • BIP 44

  • BIP 47

  • Seed phrase backup

  • SegWit Support

  • Embedded Exchange

  • Your portfolio stat and graph with notifications and alerts


Earn more with the NeuronEx Affiliate Program

The NeuronEx Affiliate Program enables you to increase your profit by involving friends, followers, and partners on NeuronEx.

Earn $5 for each referral when the trading volume of your referral is more than $200 in the first month after his/her registration! Also earn 50% of fees on each of your tier affiliate’s trades.


Popular pairs for exchange

Select the best offers in one click.

Select The Best Rate

Trustpilot Rating

NeuronEx – is the best P2P exchange according to an independent evaluation from

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Really care about their users

Markus was great. He responded as soon as his day started, let me know what I needed to do, and then responded back to me quickly and answered all my questions. 100% A+ effort. Would definitely use again because they really care about their users.

Temporary Review

First, I have not yet gone to any withdrawals with this service. This will happen in 3 days, in which time I will revisit this review and rate accordingly.

At present, I give a 5 start rating because:

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